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The Storage System On Rail

By using conventional storage system and instead of spreading out materials in to new premises, we suggest a simpler and cheaper solution. Welfab compactors that the shelving units running on rails. The larger your archive is the more extra space you will gain by switching to a space saving mobile storage system. This solution provides you about 80% more storage space than the conventional storage system.

Salient Featires:

  • Security: 'Welfab Compactors' affords protection for your stock against fire - dust - theft. Units can be closed together and locked if required to give maximum security against theft and damage with complete safety in operation.
  • Accessibility: 'Welfab Compectors' move at a touch provide instant accessibility - when you need it. No more space wasting aisles 'welfab Compectors' reduces these to minimum. It saves time and effort by condensing storage with complete selectivity.
  • Versatility: 'Welfab Compectors' mobility coupled with one of our many instantly adjustable storage systems, provides the ultimate in flexibility. An extensive range of standard sizes can be applied to suit your needs. Quality finish and clean lines combine to give a most pleasing and functional system.
  • Economy: Double your storage capacity or halve your present storage area. Any way you look at it 'Welfeb Compectors' system saves your money, by releasing valuable space for profitable production, or by eliminating expensive building extensions. Specify 'Welfeb Compectors' at the design stage of your new center, and you will profit from the benefites.
  • Space: is at premium everywhere, with todays ever rising costs, you cannot afford to ignore the benefits that 'Welfeb Compectors' can provide for you. Our technical staff can engineer your space into effective 'Working Storage'.
  • Use: 'Welfeb Compectors' having many Versatility in use. Components And Spares, Stationery, Light Engineering, Pharmaceutical Supplies, Hospital Lines And Dressing, General Stores, Computer spares, Printing Inks, Furniture fitting etc.