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Heavy Duty - Palletised storage systems incorporates various material storing features and benefits.


(1)      The lipped channel uprights and heavy duty horizontal beams are designed for a 1.50 factor of safety on yield stress.

(2)      Wide range components availability.

(3)      Built in versatility.

(4)      Easy to erect.



WELFAB Heavy Duty components like double lipped channel uprights and horizontal beams can be designed for a maximum loading capacity up to 600 Kgs. Uniformly distributed load per sq. mt. Per level with a factor of safety of 1.5 in span 3.6 mts. maximum.

NOTE: Loading capacity of the same section of beams can be increased, by decreasing the span/length of beams.



The finish of all Heavy Duty components is done with standard oven baked colour sheds for different components after applying derusting, phosphatysing treatment and one coat of primer. Standard colour sheds for different components:

UPRIGHT                               : Olive Green/ Dark Blue/ Dark Grey.

HORIZONTAL BEAM           : Orange/ Yellow / red.

CROSS BRACING               : Grey/ Red/ Orange/ Yellow.

TIE BARS                              : Orange/ Yellow /Red. 


         This system is versatile storage system depending upon the use and different types of handling. It can provide you Palletised Racking like Simple Pallet Racks by using forklift, high rise / high density racking by using vertical aisle crane.

Drive in and Drive through Racking by using forklift.

Long Span Racking by using forklifts or manual.