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These are simple racks which take maximum U.L.D of 125 kgs. Per shelf level. Recommended for Automoblie, stationery and electrical shops, also used for keeping box files and records in offices.

These racks are enclosed on three sides and each shelf level is divided into small compartments of various sizes. Generally used where different types of items of different sizes are to be kept in one rack. Ideal for electrical, Hardware, Automobile, medical and wine shops.


This system gives you a systematic storagespace for your valueable goods. It is designed for the optimum use of space upto the ceiling. Apart from being economical it has full re-utility value.



Can be easily assembled on site double your valueable floor space. Very versatile and could be designed to take an unformly distributed load of 1000 Kgs. Per sq. mt.



These stakable bins can be used for keeping small items like nuts, bolts, screws, washers ect. Also used in assembly lines, Automobile shops and other similer places.